Thursday, August 21, 2008


so i'm walking down 51st street between 2nd and 3rd avenue and come across a little park.  the plaque said, "private park. open to the public."  it's not large, but that's not what matters here.  some beautiful person has built a waterfall in this little park rather than turn it into a very profitable building.  the water falls some 20 feet and there is a lot of it, such that the sound of the city is overwhelmed.  if you close your eyes here, you might as well be at seven fall in colorado, or out on one of the moks off lanikai beach listening to the crashing surf.  from an auditory perspective, the city becomes nigh unto invisible.  

i had almost forgotten how much i love this sound.  it's magic in its ability to transport a person.  everyone can remember a waterfall somewhere in the world.  i think of the waterfall at the gideon springs in israel, or several on maui, or spilling into the fjords of norway...close your eyes and you're there with just the soundscape of this generous little park on 51st.

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