Thursday, August 28, 2008

first audition

i had thought that my first audition would be the one at chelsea studios that i got up at 5:15 for.  when i arrived at 6:55 to sign up on the non equity list, i met another guy named danny.  nice fella who arrived in new york in february.  while we were waiting and chatting, he said he was heading over to ripley-grier studios for some commercial audition.  i asked him what that was and wasn't really sure.  so...went with him.  

ripley-grier is on 8th avenue in midtown and is a huge building full of practice rooms, audition rooms, etc.  actors, dancers, and singers are wandering all over the place which gives some commercial casting directors more people to see.  there were two commercials being cast and a ton of actors hanging in the hall way looking to pass off their headshot and resume and read for a part.  

so i read for a city tourism board ad from new jersey...and got called back!  my first new york audition...called back.  was batting a perfect game until 1:50 and the brain freeze.  then when i did return for the call back at ripley-grier, i think i was rattled.  what started as a good day became simply a day of learning.  :)   i guess those are good days, as well.  i may have had difficulty promoting perth amboy, nj anyway.  but it is the first state to ratify the bill of rights!  and if you're looking for a culturally diverse dining experience, they have over 40 ethnically diverse restaurants and cafes to choose from!  so if you're looking for 325 years of real history, culture and excitement, you know where to go.  i just typed all that from memory.  they should have hired me.


Lainey said...

amazing even to get called back! Glad the brain freeze times are behind you. love ya, bro (buddy) -E

mark said...

well, we'll see. i'm capable of many brain freezes. i'll be more ready, though, the next time. :)