Monday, August 4, 2008


this morning is lovely.  not a single cloud in the sky.  it's a lighter shade of blue than i'm used to in colorado but it's clear and that's nice.  probably some kind of altitude issue, or more atmosphere between eyeball and sun.  "refraction" comes to mind...but honestly, i'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.  either way, it's great to see the clear blue.  

i hung out on the balcony this morning taking it all in.  the sunshine, the clear blue sky, the good book, my journal...and the noise.  it's amazing.  whatever is lacking in clouds in the sky is made up for in varieties of noise down below!  i'm trying to listen carefully enough to pick out the culprits.  there is a crane and it's engines.  the movement of cars on the road.  the foundation of all sound here seems to be the dull roar of the air conditioners working to keep us somewhat comfortable when we're not out in the slightly muggy air.  i can hear the occasional horn blast.   okay...not so occasional...the regular horn blast of taxis, trucks, and cars.  a police siren.  an ambulance trying to cut through the traffic.  a truck's air brakes.   and then another sound that doesn't seem to fit but which is welcome to my ears in the midst of all this other.  a bird is singing her song.

such a simple thing.  easily missed in the hubbub of the daily pulse of this town.  yet it's there, cutting through the traffic like that ambulance, bringing aid and comfort to some suffering soul.  would that i could be a singing bird, cutting through the din of life as a salve for another.  

i suppose the noise is the necessary expense of commerce, growth, life...this place just needs more birds.  

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Kate Marble said...

Jesse and I love reading your updates. We're glad to hear that you are loving the city and we can't wait to hear what's next!