Thursday, August 28, 2008

16 bars

that's all you get.  no time to warm up.  no room for error.  i went in with tremendous confidence.  i knew those 16 bars...and not the kind with beers.  you get a lot more than 16 of that kind in this place.  the audition was at chelsea studios on 26th st.  i arrived at 6:55 am in order to be among the first to sign up as a non-equity actor.  this turned out to be a good thing but i was still not heard til 1:50.  made for a full day.  

we all waited in the "holding room" for the equity actors to be heard first.  only then are the non-equity scrubs allowed to sing for the casting director.  many interesting people in this room.  one guy was looking at himself in the mirror and seemed to spot a rogue hair on one of his ears.  he appeared upset and left the room, presumably to address the situation.  another dude had his lucky stuffed animal strapped to the front of his backpack.  some are reading, others talking - some talking to themselves (which is okay in new york...everyone here is either crazy or rehearsing lines...if there's a difference)

so finally after nearly seven hours of waiting for this audition, my first in the musical theater world since college, my moment came.  walked in the little room, handed my music to the accompanist, she hit my starting note, the two casting guys looked on freeze.  the last time i had a freeze up like this was in the pikes peak center during a christmas concert but at least there i was surrounded by 2000 of my closest friends who seemed fine hearing me "la di da" my way through a section of music with a smile on my face.  this was a very foreign environment.  nobody asked how i was, what i was doing in new york, how i was enjoying myself, blah blah blah, no piano introduction beyond my one note starting point, no hugs, no "you're great, so glad you're here, delight us with your cords", none of that.  only cold stares...especially from the pianist after i didn't start from the one note...since i was expecting a warm intro with an obvious pause that meant i should come in.  the kind i would get from don dyck back home.  

ah well, that one is behind me now.  it was a learning experience.  i imagine i'll be learning a lot in the weeks and months to come.  16 bars go by quickly...and entire futures hang on them.  

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