Monday, August 11, 2008

note to self

when friends invite you to enjoy a cup of wine served in "green" cups provided by whole foods at the hudson river front looking out at jersey city, don't do it.  they mean well and are good company, i'm sure...but apparently there is an open container law in manhattan.  while the view and company are splendid, there's a small fine that could be used to acquire about 3 good cheeseburgers with bacon.  that's how i really measure things.  in fact, since we've lost the gold standard in this country, i'm suggesting a new standard: the bacon cheeseburger standard.  three good cheeseburgers with bacon is a significant fine and deterrent in my opinion.  

for example, looking across the hudson at jersey city one is confronted with many buildings, mostly offices, that have lights on well into the night but with no one in them.  one of them even has a fluctuating set of lights that change color and can even appear to wave like the ripples in a wind blown flag.  it's lovely.  but can you imagine how many bacon cheeseburgers are not being enjoyed with all those lights just burning away all night?!  i can...and it's a lot.  makes my mouth water to think about it.  

at any wine at the waterfront!  enjoy your friends, enjoy some wine, enjoy the waterfront...but don't enjoy wine at the waterfront.  just enjoy your friends there...and maybe a bacon cheeseburger.   :)

ps.  i was very kind to the very cool environmental control officers.  i think that's what they said they were.  

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