Thursday, August 28, 2008


so last night i tried to find a subway station.  someone told me it was at 33rd and 6th.  made my way that direction, walking east on 33rd.  didn't see a sign for 6th, so i kept walking.  i get all the way to 5th which, obviously, is not right so i asked a group of guys where the station was.  they were great, eager to help, cool accents... 

the one that started tellin me where to go said i needed to go back where i had come from and take a left on broadway.  i repeated back just to be sure, head back where i had come from, make a left turn to the next block, "right?" i said.  i don't think this guy had been questioned much in his life.  he shortly said yeah that i needed to make a left and get to the next block.  he finished with, "it's on 33rd."  well...i had been walking on 33rd!  so of course i pointed this out, "isn't this 33rd we're on?"  

that was it for him.  he was done.  "it's in the next block buddy!"

i just called him out on his error.  that's all.  :)  so, that's how i got my first new york "buddy" comment.  

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