Thursday, August 7, 2008

the first buck

so monday i met with todd who runs a catering company.  lynelle, who invited me to come to new york and stay in her and her husband's place, put in a kind word with her husband jason...who put in a good word with todd.  so when todd asked if i wanted to work tonight, i jumped on it.  afterall, i've been doing nothing but spending money since i arrived.  these would be my first dollars since arriving.  and for those concerned about it, my first earning activity did not compromise my dignity in any way.

the job was a large one.  about 400 guests who needed to be cared for with sodas, some wine, water, and various finger foods.  i was on busboy detail.  once again, the circle is complete.  i used to do that in high school at the el torito restaurant in maryland during my senior year.  i was good then...but wow, what 23 years will do for you!  i bounded from person to person, picking up empty glasses and soiled napkins, retrieved little sticks that once harpooned little shrimps and pieces of chicken, and shuttled empty water and wine bottles back to the staging area.  my smile was unfading even if my deodorant was.  

who am i kidding?  catering is a young mans game.  i think my feet are about to fall off.  i also think it's time to invest in a pair of shoes with some cushioning, and perhaps a shirt that breathes a little better. was a job.  my first dollar in the city.  there's a sense of pride at working a job, earning a wage, being valued for your service.  sore feet and sweaty shirts are badges of honor for a laborer.  

someone has said that the laborers are few even though there's so much work to do.  i think i know why.  hopefully there will be a few more dollars to come.  

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Lainey said...

good job, brother!