Saturday, August 9, 2008

gardens and sangria

i was told before i came to the big apple that i had to go visit the brooklyn botanical i'm telling anyone who reads this.  this is a gorgeous spot.  i don't know how they compare to the gardens of the bronx or the parts of central park that are, as yet, unexplored.  they shall not stay that way, though.  sometime in the next 10 years i'm sure i'll get to them.  

brooklyn, for the uneducated with respect to new york, may seem like an unexpected location for a treasure like the garden, but it seems perfect to me.  it's fun to find beauty in unexpected places. who knew that there was a little japanese garden in the middle of brooklyn?  complete with little turtles and  little fish swimming in the little pond by the little temple.  and i loved the desert room that was supposed to be like the southwest, i guess.  lots of cactus plants and sorta warm but not really as warm as the southwest can actually be.  felt like home...since home is full of cactus and it can be warm.  the coolest thing in there were these little plants that looked like little rocks.  some of them were hard to see because of the resemblance.  it was like those pictures of moths that look like their surroundings.  these plants looked like rocks!  

the bonsai pavilion was sweet.  and the rows of cherry trees that must be 
magic in spring time.  must get back for that.  i guess i should expect to find extraordinary things in this city.  like who knew the best sangria in town is at a little place called alta on 10th between 5th and 6th avenues?   the menu says that they could tell you why it's so good, but then they would have to kill you.  personally, i think it was the sweet perfume of lilies in bloom and polo's finest in white.  could be my favorite compliment to fruit and wine.  

not a bad saturday at all.  now what will the lord's day hold? 

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