Friday, August 22, 2008

party - new york style

so...last night i hung out with roger federer, spike lee, serena williams, maria sharapova, a few actor types, and some sports celebs.  who would have thought i'd be hanging out at the grand opening of the nike store, new york.  i've only been here 3 weeks and already i'm hobnobbing with the upper echelon of the sports culture.  certainly you should check it out at 21 mercer street.  this was a huge party with over a thousand in attendance.  security with their little ear pieces (not sure who they were talking to), ushers in spiffy green jackets (they all looked like they just won the masters), open bars, hip hop music from a skilled dj, astroturf everywhere...and all in the middle of mercer street.   huge.  i even met travis mccoy.  i found his phone...he was generous to me for finding it. 

and then it seemed that the swedish and brazilian volleyball teams came strolling in...turned out to be about 100 models just to add some glam to the event and make us all feel that we were part of something special.  which we were.  i mean, it was the nike store!

yep...i felt pretty important last night.  the fact that i was one of the hired ushers should, in no way, diminish how cool you thought i was a few moments ago.  i did get a free pair of shoes...but i had to give back the green jacket. 


Lainey said...

bummer about having to give back the jacket. But cool that you ushed!

Kelsey Patterson said...

you got your new running shoes! woohoo! amazing how things work out.

Jim Smith said...

Hey Mark

Good to talk with you this morning. I am continuing to pray for your transition and your audition on Tuesday.


mark said...

i might have to try and find my own green jacket. i kinda want to take the shoes back. not the right size. thanks jim. :)