Tuesday, December 2, 2008

working actor

yes, it's true.  made my first dollars acting yesterday.  a whopping $80 for a day of shooting (mostly sitting around waiting to shoot) on the set of "life on mars" which airs on thursday evenings.  not sure when this show will air, but it will be sometime in the new year.  the basic plot involves a new york cop from 2008 who finds himself in 1973 after an accident.  obviously this calls for some fun wardrobe choices and excellent sideburns which made the set look very fun.  but not just the people, the set itself was like stepping into the past: rotary phones, typewriters (remember them?), massive steel desks, cigarette machines with the pull knobs before they moved all cigarettes behind the counter.  

the show stars harvey keitel and some others that i don't really know.  they were all on set as w
e crowded them, asking questions as extras playing various print, tv, and radio reporters.  the scene lasted about 20 seconds.  if i'm on
 camera at all, it will be about 2 seconds.
  that's 10% for you economically minded people.  yes, this is harvey.  

It was a fun day.  I've attached a few photos of yours truly trying to get into character in my sweet, vintage, 1970's three-piece suit.  and since i know you would ask, the cigarette is a prop!  and those bars are part of the set...no worries on my status in the city.  and the stuff on my boots was a kind of foam to cut down on noise during the shoot.  

it's pretty amazing the lengths we go to for our entertainment.  for this 20 second scene, there were probably 25 - 30 of us extras which is great cause everyone is cool and it's great to meet folks.  in fact, the photos of me on set were taken by one of the cool extras.  we got into a little trouble but nothing that should keep me from working in the future.  :)  each of us received our $80 (although there were a few s.a.g. folks who made more).  i know they'll make it all back in advertising dollars, but it was interesting to be a part of this aspect of our economy.  so thank you for supporting the advertisers of this show.  you helped me buy some yogurt and put something toward the pillow where i lay my head.  yay advertising supporters!!!

frankly, i think the shot of me on the phone looks like a regular detective on the show.  i should send it to them to consider.  i could just be the guy on the phone in the background of all the office shots.  i'm believable, aren't i?  maybe lose the pads on the shoes...


Lainey said...

you go, dude. Be careful with those ciggies- they're addictive.

And hey- gots ta love Harvey Keitel!!

mark said...

yeah! he was right there. i could have reached out and touched him...and then probably have been thrown in that jail. actually, that's how i got there. i think harvey was really feeding off my energy. we were working together well.

Lainey said...

heh. no DOUBT.

break a leg today, brother. I mean...Sky.


oh my gosh that is so awesome! you look so handsome and you look right in character! How cool!! (on an aside, I wanted to write "You go girl! But then realized there isn't an equivalent language for guy friends... shall I say "You go, man!" LOL) :)


OK double LOL because after I posted my comment, I read the first one and it says "You go dude! and I hadn't even seen that! ROFLOL ;)

Jeremiah said...


You really look slick in that suit! Very nice! I have heard about this show. Should be interesting. Hope this really gets you going!

Definitely love the phone shot -- it works. Oh, the jail-cell shot works a little too well! ;-)

Miss ya!