Monday, December 29, 2008


i suppose it had to happen at some point.  although, i thought it might be a little longer than this.  i've only been here five months, afterall.  and i can't say that i've really turned completely...just looking.  is that okay?  

the broncos went down big last night.  i've tried to support them as much as possible from here.  if their game was televised nationally, i was watching (like lastnight...thank you nbc).  the rest of the time, i was huddled in my apartment around my computer listening to the game by going to the websites of 850 koa in denver or 740 kvor in colorado springs and getting their audio streaming of the game.  sometimes i'd have some other game on tv just to get a visual.  that could be confusing right there.  admittedly, though, support has been difficult, with the distance and all their injuries...poor blighters.  and then last by 31 points like that.  just wait til next year!!  i know they'll be back!

so i'm at this strange place of needing a team i can actually follow and watch and keep up with.  since this is how many americans determine how they are doing, whether they're a "winner" or not for their monday, etc.  the problem is, of course, this area has lots of teams to choose from.  what i'm needing is some help in this choice.  

i live on the upper west side of manhattan, across the street from central park, just off the b and c line.  am i supposed to like the jets or the giants?  i like favre since he's old like me and it's great to see him hand some youngin his lunch (although...hasn't happened as much as would be nice, i guess, for jets fans).  but i'm wondering if there's some kind of "line" through this city that determines allegiances, at least loosely.  

secondly, baseball season is just around the corner.  when spring training ends, i've got to have some sense of who to root for.  am i supposed to be a mets or yankees fan?  i just don't get it.  

so, if anyone has some helpful advice for me on who to choose and why, i'm listening.  it's all in the name of being a good and decent new yorker for whatever time i'm here.  so leave me a comment and share your logic!

until next year...go team.  go team go!


wreave said...

1. Jets or Giants? Giants. I know nothing of any geographical allegiances, but I like Eli Manning. Of course, you like Favre, so cheer for the Jets then. They're both good this year. However, hindsight being what it is, you should have picked one before the season, as you're doing with baseball.

2. Mets. The Mets are a National League team, like the Rockies, which means they play real baseball, which means that all nine players play both offense and defense, the way the game was designed to be played. The Mets also have fewer jerks as players and FAR FAR FAR fewer jerks as fans.

3. The Broncos were an embarrassment this year! On the one hand, you can point to their injuries and such, and say that they did pretty well with what they had. On the other hand, they clearly had the talent and ability to beat any team in the league (beating the Jets one week after the Jets beat the previously-undefeated Titans). Yet they went on to create a disaster of historical proportions, losing a 3-game lead to lose the division with losses to dogs such as KC, Oakland, and Buffalo. The best news is that they are done now and don't have to face the ignomy of getting booted out of the first round of the playoffs.

Kim Wentzel said...

Are you seriously looking for a new team to root for??? =^O Yes, this was a terrible season for the Broncos but...come on. Once a Broncos fan, always a Broncos fan - even if distance is a problem.

julie said...

Hey Mark,
All I can say is that there is something to be said for allegience. I grew up in Arizona and back in the day AZ did not have a football team. I always liked the Dolphins and the Bears. I still do. It probably has more to do with the team colors than anything else. As far as baseball, it is and always will be the LA DODGERS for me. Again, back in the day AZ did not have a pro baseball team either. If the Broncos have always been your favorite team, then don't get rid of your lucky #7 Jersey just yet :)

PiperGal said...

If you become a Yankees fan, I'm finding a new landlord... :-P