Saturday, December 20, 2008


it's been snowing in new york for a couple days now.  very cold.  it's made for some pretty good puddles and slush at the street corners.  guaranteed to get your feet wet if you try to jump over or circumnavigate them.  there is one way to avoid them, however...take a cab.  

my sister is visiting the city and because of the generosity of a friend, she has a place to stay over on broadway.  my place is not too far away here on central park west.  we had been chatting about faith and science and using tim keller's book, "the reason for god" as the catalyst.  good stuff.  and i might just add how proud we are of our mother whose photo made the most recent copy of scientific american (on newsstands now!). 

at any rate...have to get up early to sing in the lessons and carols services of redeemer presbyterian church and my dear sister didn't want me walking home in the cold.  so, i took a cab.  my driver's name was bernard.  he was from ghana but has lived in jersey for the last 18 years or so.  he has retained the delightful accent of his homeland, even with a couple local phrases.  he won't be going home, either, for christmas.  he said he missed his home.  i know a little of how he feels.  

i asked him how the snow was impacting driving around the city and he made me laugh.  he said, "people same drive today as every day."  he didn't think that was a good thing.  he was just saying that a new york driver sees no reason to change their speed just because of a little moisture on the road.  that would be crazy!  bernard said he'd seen 4 accidents today.  he said all this while cutting off a new york cop in his cruiser going about 40 down broadway toward 96th, in the falling snow and on the wet roads.  it was pretty fun.  only cost me seven bucks for this thrill ride, too.  that's a bargain for a little risk-taking.  not like bungee jumping which, i just researched, ranges from $45 to $75 for the first jump and then tack on some more for subsequent leaps.  plus, there's a fun tunnel effect when racing down city streets with tall buildings on either side.  that's just a free bonus.  

bernard got me home safe.  tonight he was my saint bernard...sans internally warming beverage in a barrel.  

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