Tuesday, December 23, 2008


last friday, less than 24 hours after the arrival of my sister to the big city, we were sitting in radio city music hall ready for something spectacular.  we were not disappointed.  it started with the 36 rockettes dressed up like reindeer with cute little antlers as they pulled santa's sleigh from the north pole into rockefeller center through the help of a 3d movie.  i still have the special glasses.  it would have been nice if they could also magnify the stage so i could see all 72 of those rather amazing legs as they kicked in unison their trademark chorus line high kicks.  we were in the second mezzanine in the 5500 seat theater.  

but distance couldn't take away from the magic of my first new york show.  a flying santa, dancers kicking, toy wooden soldiers, real ice skating on stage, sugar plum fairies, the complete nativity, live camels, a donkey, more kicking, a double decker bus with dancing girls, singers, 72 legs synchronized with precision, tap dancing, a demonstration of how santa can be in so many places at the same time...there were oodles of dancing santas on stage at the same time.  i never knew his legs looked that good.  

there's a reason they call this production the radio city christmas spectacular.  the scope was tremendous!  the creative energy represented on that stage could probably light a small country for several weeks.  of course, creative energy is like that.  at this time of year, the opportunities abound to light up lives with our creative energy.  light 'em up!

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