Monday, September 8, 2008

the rest of the story

remember the dell guy?  the dude that would say, "dude, you're gettin a dell!"  ever wonder what happened to him?  well, he's living in new york city of all places...bartending.  

this morning on the way to newark, new jersey, i got the full scoop.  another fun part of catering is the interesting people you work with.  one of them in the minivan with me (i was driving...but that's another story) began talking about this guy and how she had talked with him last night about something or other.  we all wondered what was happening with him.  she told us about the trouble he got into.  so, this is a spoiler alert.  if you really don't want to hear anything negative about the dell guy, stop reading now!  

she apparently was with him the night it happened.  some kind of birthday party that i'm sure was very fun depending on definitions.  for some reason the police came by and caught him with something illegal.  the kind of something that has a variety of names.  gange, weed, maui-wowi, years strolling the halls at the colorado college familiarized me with the strong emitted odor.  this was on a friday which meant his arrest would put him in the clink for the weekend since he couldn't be arraigned until monday.  

that would be bad enough, but to make matters worse, he was wearing a kilt.  you can almost imagine the humor of the scene if this was in a movie.  a 22 year old blonde kid, wearing a kilt, taken downtown for a weekend in the slammer...who turns out to be the dell guy.  i'm sure he would have made a number of friends even in such a short stint.  his friend, my passenger in the minivan, was getting very upset with the police for not letting him change his clothes before taking him and began taking names and badge numbers.  apparently, they began to see that it would be better for everyone if he was given the opportunity to at least put some pants on.   the new york post ran an article detailing the story, full of photos and a headline that read, "Dude, you're getting a cell!"  nice. 

he's 30 now, putting his life back together, acting in some theater pieces in the city, and working as a bartender.  i had asked myself a number of times when a dell ad came on what the story was and now we know...the rest of the story.

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