Monday, September 8, 2008


one of the fun things about catering is having found a high-end company to work for.  saturday night there was a wedding for which i was asked to help serve, butler, and bus for.  doesn't that sound nice?  i'm butlering now.  this took place in a very cool penthouse space on 30th and 5th avenue.  i would love to live in this space.  huge open space that could house my 9' grand piano with ease, an alcove that is screaming for my king size bed, and plenty of other space for pretty much all the rest of my stuff.  not to mention the upstairs roof garden/patio...very nice.  i think it would only take jugillion dollars but it's all fantasy anyway, so who's counting?  

typical to these evenings is the "captain" talking us through all that is going to take place, the timing, and who's on what kind of detail.  todd was the captain saturday night and began taking us through the evening.  6:15 - start serving drinks to early guests.  7:00 - help seat the guests.  7:15 - ceremony begins.  7:30 - ceremony ends, groom steps on and breaks the glass with a hearty "la' chaim!"  7:31 - serve more drinks and clean up empty glasses (there were many).  7:32 - serve appetizers.   8:30 - put the little cheeseburgers on the buffet table...   at this point i became confused and perhaps you can see why.  it's just not kosher, but i was told that the wedding was only half jewish.  i guess that made it alright.  

the important thing, and the nice thing about working for this company, is that i can count on great food to eat when the time comes.  there's a magic moment when the captain gives you a nod and says, "take a break and eat some food."  mmmmmmmmmm...i couldn't have prepared any of this stuff even with all kinds of time to try.  i would have made nachos or something.  this was gourmet with little sauces and finger foods...and even vegetables.  i don't mind the vegetables, really.  when they're prepared, i'll eat 'em.

i should eat well this week.  that's a good thing.  i'm thanking god for provision.  

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