Monday, September 8, 2008


have you ever wondered what question you would ask if you were ever in a position to ask your deepest question to someone who is supposed to know the deepest answers to these kinds of things?  today i had such an opportunity.  very exciting, actually. 

to get to this opportunity i rose early and arrived at the car rental place on 37th on time at 8:30.  here i would meet others from the agency and head to our newark, new jersey.  the arch diocese of newark was celebrating the ordination of one of their bishops.  it was huge.  2000 people at the service.  kinda made me feel pretty inadequate.  i only had about 150 at my ordination service.  and there weren't any cardinals at my service, either.  but i couldn't think about this because these people needed to be fed and served drinks!  a task i've become fairly good at in recent weeks.  as an aside, i have to say it was a remarkable sight to see
one of the bar stations set up under a crucifix.  the picture is just to prove it.  still, there's something curiously poetic and maybe even right about the image.  i'll leave that to you to think about.   

the list of attendees was extensive and some of them were people i'd seen on tv when they want to ask a catholic about the position of the church on something.  priests, bishops, arch bishops, and even cardinal egan was there.  egan hangs out with the pope.  all these guys were hanging out in the library in their robes, various acoutremont', some had sandals, collars, colors, chains, and more trappings of roman catholicism.  in the middle of this gang was egan, friend and american mouthpiece of the pope.  able to answer the deepest of questions.  my moment had come and i knew it as i walked into the room.  i approached and asked the only question on my mind.  a question that had become programmed through hours of catering since arriving in this city that some have referred to as nineveh...

"would you like some tomato basil on bruschetta?"  

his answer was no.

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