Friday, June 13, 2008


well, i've entered the blogosphere thanks to joy. it seems appropriate that i set down an accurate collection of my reflections as my life takes this new turn. in just 45 days, i'll be moving to that big fruit of all fruits, the big apple. i've heard that if it exists in the world, New York has at least two of them. should be a very fun adventure and YOU get to join me as i take the blue pill and enter the matrix that is the City.

the path to this moment has been curious to say the least. that is a story for several good bottles of wine, preferably shiraz. so, if you ask nicely and bring the grapes, be ready for a grand tale. either way, i believe God is up to something that i can't as yet see. i suppose he always is and perhaps it is presumptuous of me to think it has anything to do with me, but...well, i guess i'll be presumptuous. i like typing that word. presumptuous. what you don't know is that i mispelled it every one of those three times. but i've fixed it now...

leaving this beautiful home in manitou springs, colorado is not an easy thing. i'll miss the incline, my steamroom, the wine cellar. but doesn't this mean that the provisions of the new place will be even more satisfying? that is the presumptuous side of me. i have experienced tremendous blessing...and i expect that those blessings will continue with a new definition. that will be fun. or perhaps like a definition in a dictionary where there are little numbers after a word. i've only experienced the first couple numbers of definition for blessing. the next few numbers are what i'll be writing about in the weeks and months to come.


Joy said... your first entry! I'm excited to read the ones following as you move to NY and begin living in the Big Apple. You'll be sorely missed.

heiress said...

I think it's quite safe to be presumptuous in expecting great things from your creator. And you're right.. it's a great word! Good for you!

I wonder if we crossed paths on the incline. (You passing me of course... I don't run it.. :)