Friday, June 20, 2008


i did the incline yesterday and got my personal best so far for this summer. 32:54. what's remarkable is what i had for breakfast. tostitos brand cheese dip in the tall jar. perhaps we have underestimated the nutritional qualities of this tasty nectar.

it's a well known fact that there is protein in cheese. this is obviously good for the repair and building of muscle tissue. it seems clear over the years as i've consumed incredible quanitites of this delicacy that my muscles have grown and are producing adequate power for little jaunts up the incline at increasing speeds.

the taste is another factor, i believe, in the ability of this ambrosia to bring positive results. because of its flavor, i am a happy person. this psychological state (enhanced by the dipped doritos) is something that the world appears to be lacking these days. it would seem that this puts me in an upper percentile as it relates to overall joy. this, in turn, translates to higher energy, enjoyment of the outdoor activity, and performance on the athletic this case, the incline.

my recommendation, without hesitation, is for larger consumption of cheese product as it develops strength, happiness of taste buds, and a greater overall joy with a higher performance potential. eat up!


Kelsey Patterson said...

oh dear, mark. maybe while in new york you should apply to do some commercials for tostitos or velveeta or something? you know, use your remarkable gift for spin (at least when cheese products are concerned) to help put some bread on the table...or at least more cheese. :)

JT Holderman said...

32 minutes up that monstrosity! That is quite impressive Mark...maybe if you switch your diet strictly to cheese based products you can make it under 30 minutes. Kim and I hope all is well and that your continued transition into finding the will of God in your life at this juncture will prove rewarding and sanctifying! God bless brother.