Tuesday, June 17, 2008

civic duty 2

so, after listening to all the testimony, arguments, evidence presentation, and jury room waiting...i find out that i'm the alternate juror. this means that i did my best to be an attentive participant in the process but didn't get to be a part of the deliberations. i suppose i should say, those deliberations are going on now and i'm 'on call' waiting to see if i'm needed. sorry...can't talk about the case yet. :)

interesting process.


Jim Lauf...etc said...

my respect for the system increased dramatically from my experiences with jury duty.

I also think the "don't tell the alternate juror until the end" is a great idea.

mark said...

I agree. In rereading my post, I come across a little defensive or that my time was wasted. I don't feel that way at all. The judge was great and I know that I took part in a great justice system.