Friday, October 3, 2008


there are many beautiful planters around this town.  as you walk down the streets on the upper east or west sides, you pass the steep steps of classic brownstone town homes.  tree lined streets where the trees are surrounded by little barriers that hold in the dirt that gives home to the trees.  the same can be found in hell's kitchen, chelsea, the village and all the other neighborhoods in town.  

Some of these planters are made of bricks, others of wrought iron.  i've seen morning glories and clematis, impatiens and ivy, all growing at the base of leafy trees.  oak, maple, elm, birch, name it, it's probably growing in a planter somewhere in this city.

i used to think these planters were placed throughout these side streets for the beautification of the city and certainly this is a piece of the story since they are lovely and provide some nice flowers, after all.  but i know better now.  it is my observation that their primary function is to provide a place for the dogs of this city to evacuate their bladders...which they take full advantage of!  

the city is getting a bonanza on fertilizer.  


heiress said...

Ahhh... more entertaining reading from your memoirs.... love it! You painted a great picture of the scenery...then the cutest twist in your observation of the dogs.

New York seems like quite the stimulating place and one worthy of at least a visit. Thanks for sharing. :)


you are too funny!