Tuesday, July 15, 2008


one of the fun parts of moving is packing things up, figuring out what you don't need anymore, determining what you want to keep, and then working out all the details. fun fun! well, i went through much of this 7 months ago when i moved from downtown colorado springs over here to manitou springs. so i know i want to keep the things i have already determined to keep! but the fun of this move is that i'm moving to new york city and when i get on the plane next week, i'll have a couple suitcases and a carry on. i can't seem to get my 9' concert grand piano i inherited in my oversize suitcase...let alone my carry on. or my big red couch that was an anonymous gift from a church member. or my wingback chair that has contributed greatly to the calming of my mind on countless mornings. and many other things that have had some value in my life...like wine and candles.

so...one challenge has been finding people to loan things to who won't mind giving them back in a few months or a few years when i find an apartment in the city that is slightly larger than my freshman dormroom and a job that affords it (maybe i can rent by the square foot). last week it was a privilege to give a number of things to a former student/friend of mine who got married over the weekend. his new bride will come home to an apartment with some fun things. another took a couch and some bookshelves to keep the cranium expanding books he loves. sunday night during dinner with friends, i mentioned trying to find a home for the piano...and they said they would love to house it for me! and today was so fun because i met some very joyful people on the incline who all seemed to need a few things. just about every last bit of furniture has found a home...and it was free candle day, as well. fun fun fun!!

all these people have blessed me. not only because i don't have to get as big a storage unit, but also by their smiles in receiving something useful that was unexpected and unearned. no attempt to earn it. no statement of non-worth for such a gift. just reception of what is offered with a smile. this is always a gift to the giver. the gift of gracious reception. would that we receive the gift of grace with the same smile.

now if i can just sell my car...

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