Tuesday, July 29, 2008


have to make this fast.  people are waiting for this computer...

while taking a crosswalk walking up 5th avenue, i was struck by a similarity between crosswalks in new york at rush hour and that scene in braveheart when the opposing armies run at each other.  the two masses gather on either side of the street.  growing in number and anticipating the mayhem that is only moments away.  a few more people approach, slowing to a halt so that an even thousand stand on either side of 57th street.  those on the north look serious and the southerners appear equally determined.  

suddenly, the little white neon outline of a man flashes on the box face!  that's all it takes and the two sides are off.  rushing toward one another with all the speed legs can muster in the fifteen feet before greeting the opposing on-rushers.  here is where the similarity ends for rather than clashing with blood and guts strewn across the street, decisions are made in nano-seconds as all pedestrians avoid one another without so much as grazing one another.  truly awe inspiring.  
this kind of movement reveals a divine algorithm the equations 
of which are only known by One.  

i'm grateful to have had the street-crossing preamble to the true battle that is taking place right now in the apple store at 58th and 5th ave .  i'm now ready to stand my ground in this truly unique venue.   the Algorithm continues...

i think someone wants the computer.

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