Sunday, January 25, 2009

gossip girl

for those of you who are in love with the trashy teen tv show known as gossip girl, you'll enjoy this post.  don't worry, i won't give any episodic spoilers...but i could!   :)  had to promise not to give away any plot details.  this is the front of the mansion on long island where we were shooting this past week for an episode coming up in a few weeks.  i was, once again, an ever-loving extra but this time was different.  when i was called by central casting i was told i would be a "featured extra" which means i would have a little interaction with one or more principals.  
this home belonged to john phipps who partnered with carnegie in the steel business.  pretty amazing home.  my role was to be an "aide" to william who is nate's grandfather...for those following the show.   so we make a dramatic entry in a helicopter, jump out, and head to the house.  here's the helicopter.  and a shot from inside. 

nate's grandfather was played by james naughton.  he is a very familiar actor and a great guy.  enjoyed meeting him and watching him work.  very professional.  

there's a comment from the director that is sticking with me.  it's typical in a scene where there are a lot of extra running around to have a number of crew members telling us to be quiet.  of course we want to talk.  of course, also, the crew is talking and working out how they're going to get a particular shot.  so it's not always the fault of the extras that the director gets upset at the noise.  but we're an easy target.  anyway, usually when the director yells "cut" after a take, we smile, start talking, etc.  we've just been mouthing words for the last minute mimicking conversation at a party, what else are we going to do but actually talk.  feels natural.  then someone goes "shhhhh!" and then we hear, "reset to one" which is to say, go back to first position for that shot.  

the comment that stuck with me was the director in a pretty angry voice saying, "cut does not mean talk!  cut means go back to one!!"

you'd be amazed how many times we went back and did things again because someone made a mistake, missed their line, or tripped on a cable.  so different from reality where the first "mistake" stays on the film of life.  every now and then it would be nice to be able to yell, "reset to one!"  

but we get to keep every trip, every missed line...somehow life is a little richer for it, don't you think?  

oh...and i got to shake hands with chace crawford.  nice guy.

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